Maxwell Bennett: Billionaire Escort ( Vol. 1- Do You Like Pie?) A.R. Yoba


Published: August 3rd 2012



Maxwell Bennett: Billionaire Escort  ( Vol. 1- Do You Like Pie?)  by  A.R. Yoba

Maxwell Bennett: Billionaire Escort ( Vol. 1- Do You Like Pie?) by A.R. Yoba
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This project was inspired by my Montey Greene books. When I released the first installment in my Identity Crisis Trilogy, They Call Me...Montey Greene in the summer of 2012 I got asked on several interviews by female listeners why I stopped exploring Monteys sexual thoughts. I told them it wasnt that type of book and since its the first in a series youll get a lot more of Monteys sexual side in the second installment, Get...Montey Greene.

I then followed that up by telling them if they wanted to read that stuff I had another project called Maxwell Bennett:Billionaire Escort. Of course I had no such project at the time I just said I did to keep the interviews moving. But now that I put it out there in the universe I figured I would try to deliver on it. All I had was a bunch of stuff that didnt make it into the first Money Greene book and probably wasnt going to make it into the second one.

So, I threw that stuff together, changed some names and ages, wrote in the first person instead of the third, and threw it up as a short story e-book series just to see what would happen. I had so many downloads I decided to pull it down and take a real stab at this thing.

That was in 2012. So now here were are in 2013 and now that the second Montey Greene book, Get...Montey Greene, is out Im going to release this project in e-book and paperback in August. I try not to label myself as a writer who writes in a particular genre because at the end of the day no matter what we write its all an exercise in experimentation, if that makes any sense. We never know if its going to work. That being said I look forward to hearing the responses on this project. Look for the giveaway posting soon.LADIES. WHEN THE HEAT GETS TOO HOT, BOOK A DATE WITH MAXWELL BENNETT AND LET HIM HOSE YOU DOWN.

AN EROTIC NOVELLA COMING SUMMER 2013Take a humorous and sexual romp on the wild side with MAXWELL BENNETT. A wealthy and well endowed 28 year old, bored with his sex life and all things deemed physically beautiful and perfect that fits in a size 6, loans himself out as an escort seeking to find the one thing that has alluded him- sexual nirvana. Theres just one catch. Only size 12+ women need commission his services.

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